About MonsterLoans

Who We Are

MonsterLoans is a rapidly growing national consumer direct mortgage lender focused on helping borrower’s access loan programs to improve their financial health and realize the dream of home ownership. We have a core competence in serving our nations Veteran’s with VA loans and helping borrowers in challenging credit situations access the FHA loan program. We have an experienced team of industry veterans and newcomers who bring new ideas to help us better serve our borrowers. We are proud to make Service, Excellence, Accountability and Teamwork a priority at MonsterLoans and have fun doing it!!

Our Mission

We help people access loan programs to improve their financial health. We do this to make a positive difference in people’s lives, to give people tools and resources to help themselves and to build relationships and be a part of someone’s success.

Our Goals

We are building a company for our employees, managers, and owners to grow personally and professionally while driving positive outcomes for borrowers with unparalleled customer service. We will affect the financial health of our country’s middle class in a constructive way, because we believe strongly that all individuals should get access to professional advice to make sound financial decisions related to the biggest investment most of us will ever make. We seek to build the BEST mortgage company, not necessarily the biggest. We understand and accept that this mission is a marathon and not a sprint and will accept humility and strive for excellence along the way.

Our Values
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