Taking Advantage of Rising Home Values


Slowly but surely, home values are on the rise in today’s market. Industry experts predict that trend will continue through 2015, with some expecting a 4-5% annual gain in home prices according to Forbes. If you are current home-owner, you are in a great position to take advantage of these rising values with a cash-out refinance.

In a situation where your home value has in fact gone up, you might be able to turn that equity into some immediate cash. The best part of cashing out? There are no restrictions on how you can spend the cash you pull from your home!

Looking to get rid of some high-interest credit cards or finally finish pay off your car? What about making some upgrades to your home and raising its value even more? Or you could just take the cash and go on a nice family vacation! You really have unlimited options and it all starts with a cash-out refinance!

If you believe your homes value has risen and could use some extra cash, contact our loan experts at MonsterLoans today!

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